Fire Halls

Three Fire Halls are strategically located throughout Maple Ridge to provide timely response to emergency incidents. Each hall covers a specific response zone of the municipality and responses are coded in the Computer-Aided Dispatch System to pre-define the type of apparatus and manpower which will respond. The career fire crew is dispatched to all calls in all response zones.

Rezoning for the new Fire Hall No. 4 Training Center and Park Project received first reading on April 25, 2017. 

In the event that equipment is involved in a prior incident, the computer will immediately identify the closest available apparatus from other Halls and respond those resources to the incident. Surrey Fire Rescue provides a regional dispatch service for Maple Ridge Fire Department and several other departments throughout the Province of British Columbia.

Fire Hall No. 1

Hall 1

Fire Hall No. 2

Hall 2

Fire Hall No. 3

Hall 3

Fire Hall No. 4 Training Centre and Park Project

Fire Hall No. 4 architect rendering June 2018