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News Releases

View the archive of news releases sent to local and regional radio and television stations and the newspapers that serve our community. Our online releases also have links to help you find attachments that often include maps, reports, photos and artwork.

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Workshop at a glance (FORMERLY Council This Week)

Council meets every second Monday to discuss issues and hear presentations on local and regional topics and projects. By Wednesday of the same week, Workshop at a Glance will provide you with the highlights of the day and allow you to link to the presentations and reports that were before Council.

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Maple Ridge This Month

The newsletter that lets you know about the important meetings and events in our community. From the Council meeting schedule to program announcements and new customer service initiatives, this is the place to get the latest updates on what's happening in Maple Ridge.

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Maple Ridge This Week

The newsletter that showcases the work that goes on within the City. This newsletter will introduce you to some of the members of our team who are working on your behalf. We will highlight upcoming meetings and community events, share stories of staff members who have been recognized for their work and try to give you a sense of the work that happens as we operate through the changing seasons.

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