The Tree Protection & Management Bylaw 7133-2015 was adopted by Council on January 12, 2016.

The bylaw focuses on responsible management and mitigation measures for tree removal to minimize impacts on neighbouring properties, to encourage preservation measures where possible, and to promote tree replacement measures across the community where tree cutting practices are taking place.

Tree Protection & Management Bylaw 7133-2015
Tree Permit Application Form

For convenience, we have prepared individual bulletins with information pertaining to the bylaw for ease of understanding.

Bulletin 001 - Tree Permits in Urban, Urban Reserve and Rural Lots less than 0.5 HA
Bulletin 002 - Tree Permits in Rural areas on Lots greater than 0.5 HA
Bulletin 003 - Tree Permits for Building, Development and Large Scale Clearing
Bulletin 004 - Arborist Report Requirements
Bulletin 005 - Tree Management Plan requirements
Bulletin 006 - Tree Protection Specifications
Bulletin 007 - Replacement Tree Requirements

Information document about Tree Topping.