225 Street Pump Station Upgrades and Forcemain

The 225 Street Sewage Pump Station is located at the intersection of 225 Street and the Haney Bypass and it conveys sewage via the existing South Slope Forcemain west along River Road to Steeves Street where it discharges into a Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District trunk sewer. To meet the long-term needs of the City, both the pump station and forcemain need to be upgraded to reliably convey increasing sewer flows.

The City has retained Associated Engineering (B.C.) Ltd. to prepare the preliminary and detailed designs, prepare tender documents and provide construction services for the project.

The existing forcemain conveys sewage from the pump station along River Road from 225 Street to Steeves Street. The existing forcemain is located within the Fraser River Escarpment and the intent is to re-route the new south slope forcemain north of the existing escarpment setback areas and Haney slide. View proposed forcemain alignment (PDF)

An Invitation to Tender for the first phase of construction (from the pump station to the intersection of Carshill and Lougheed Highway) of the South Slope Forcemain replacement is planned for summer 2018 which will allow for construction by summer and fall 2018. This schedule fits well with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) plans to reconstruct the Haney Bypass at 222 Street and the intersection at Callaghan Avenue. View MoTI/City proposed works (PDF).

Invitations to Tender for the remaining phases are planned for 2018 and 2019.