Ridge Canoe & Kayak Improvements

Ridge Canoe and Kayak Improvements
The Ridge Canoe & Kayak Club is co-located within Whonnock Hall and for many people is largely unseen. The dock is used by club members to access the lake. This proposal is to renovate the dock structure and move the boat storage onto the dock for easier access for club members.

The project also envisions the creation of change rooms and a training space with the movement of the boat storage to the new dock. Additionally, the plan calls for a modest expansion of building on the west side that would integrate with the existing structure and give the club more viability within the building and park footprint.

Building costs for these improvements are estimated to be $750,000 to one million with annual operating costs estimated at $7,000.

Below is the concept briefing created by Paul Fast, from HCMA Architecture and Design, whose company has created concept designs to help us understand the scope of each of the proposals. View the printed version o the concept design here.
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