What to do during an earthquake

Earthquakes Are a Reality for Our Area

Imagine that you hear a low, rumbling, roaring sound. The noise builds, getting louder and louder, for about ten seconds. Then WHACK! There’s a tremendous jolt. You feel like someone suddenly slammed on the brakes in the car, or like a truck just rammed into the side of a building.

The floor seems to be moving beneath you. It's hard to stand up, or even stay in your seat. When you walk, it's like trying to walk on a trampoline or a waterbed. You need to DROP, COVER and HOLD.

How to Prepare

  • Review Before an Emergency for general information on how to prepare.
  • Build or restock your Emergency Preparedness Kit.
  • Look around places where you spend time. Identify safe places such as under sturdy furniture or against an interior wall in your home, office or school so that when the shaking starts, you Drop to the ground, Cover your head and neck with your arms, crawl to a safe place and Hold On.
  • Practice how to “Drop, Cover and Hold On!”. You only have seconds to protect yourself.
  • Secure items that could fall and cause injuries.
  • Store critical supplies and documents.
  • Check to see if your home or business is earthquake resistant.
  • Review your insurance to make sure you have earthquake coverage.


Visit Emergency Info BC for information about active emergencies in British Columbia.
Download: Earthquake & Tsunami Guide
Download: Earthquake Checklist