Kronebusch, Rysa

Maple Ridge is growing at a rapid pace; we need to ensure we have responsible sustainable development, with an increase of economic development, while also maintaining our green space and parks. We also need to look at affordable housing and our transit issues. Accessibility and inclusion are issues we need to continue to address, I do not want anyone to feel less valued because of their varied abilities, I will continue the work to ensure all citizen feel included and valued. This includes our drug addicted population; we need more than a place to safely inject as I believe this enables a situation this does not get to the root of the problem, we need to ensure when someone wants to reach out for help we have the resource in place to help. I have the ability and tenacity to work towards positive solutions for difficult issues.

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Rysa Kronebusch

Tel: 604-999-7912 

Twitter: @Rysa_Kronebusch
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Rysa Kronebusch

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