Svendsen, Ryan

Ryan is 25-year resident of Maple Ridge. This husband and father of two is deeply committed to serving the people in the community his family calls home.

His occupation as a firefighter and Deputy Director of Maple Ridge ESS has given him a keen insight into the opioid problem that is pervasive in our city.

- Shopping options to ensure local spending.
- Thoughtful densification of the downtown. Ensuring a safe and vibrant place for all to enjoy.
- More sensible community planning incorporating current and future supporting infrastructure as part of all projects.

“Going forward, we must be prepared for an influx of new residents and plan accordingly. My goal is to make Maple Ridge a place where people and businesses want to put down roots.“

- 15 year firefighter/first responder.
- 5 years volunteer - Deputy Director of Maple Ridge Emergency Support Service

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Ryan Svendsen

Cell: 778-846-6176
Facebook: Ryan Svendsen For Maple Ridge 2018
Ryan Svendsen

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