Speirs, Craig

I am running for Mayor because I see a need for strong, consistent and compassionate leadership in Maple Ridge. I have always stood up in a principled way for people and on issues. My position on the issues doesn’t waver unless there is compelling evidence that points in another direction. I stand up for people that are suffering, one of my favorite quotes is “We are defined by how we walk with the broken not for how we sit with the great”.

We have some challenging issues that need to be handled carefully so as to not further traumatize those involved. Top of mind is the homeless issue and the solutions that need to be put in place to help folks back into housing and to seek a healthier life. There will be no peace until we have housing for the homeless. We are much more than this one issue.

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Craig Speirs

Cell: 236-992-2569

Website: www.craigspeirs.com
Twitter: @craigrspeirs
Facebook: craigrspeirs
Instagram: craig_sharpthing
Craig Speirs

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