Morden, Mike

A proven community leader, Mike Morden is running to become the next Mayor of Maple Ridge on October 20, 2018.

Mike is married to Hilary for 38 years, both educated in criminology and business.

Mike is resolved to ensure our laws are enforced equally, to close down tent city and get people the help they need. He is diplomatic, uses common sense and is easy to talk to, making him the right person to be representing Maple Ridge to senior government.

Mike is an experienced leader and ready to take action for you.
• Maple Ridge City Councillor – 2 terms
• BC Union of Municipalities – 2 terms
• Chamber of Commerce – Past president and 25 year member
• Rotary Club and community volunteer 30 years
• Local security business owner and operator 35 years

Please visit for more on Mike’s platform “putting people first!”

The words provided are that of the candidate. The City of Maple Ridge does not endorse any candidate.

Mike Morden

Cell: 604-690-6453
Twitter: @michaelmorden
Instagram: mike.morden
Mike Morden

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