Public Art Calls

The City of Maple Ridge Public Art Program offers a variety of opportunities for artists, from emerging to established professionals to apply.  This page will list all the relevant Call for Artists opportunities.  A Call for Artists is a notice with detailed information about the project including location, eligibility guidelines, criteria, timeline, budget, deadlines and submission requirements.  Artists are encouraged to watch for opportunities on this site, in local and national newspapers, and on industry related websites and publications.  

Hammond Park
Hammond Path
Hammond Stadium Park Public Art Call 2016: Call in Progress. Deadline is Feb. 1, 2016.  
Hammond is a place with a long historical association with the sport of baseball and the cedar sawmilling industry in Port Hammond.  The objective of the public artwork is to enhance the resident and visitor experience at Hammond Stadium Park through the placement of a new piece of public art that celebrates the history of sport and the unique heritage character of this park.  Download the complete Request for Expression of Interest document for details or go to (reference RFEI-PL15-74).
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