Commercial & Industrial Strategy

Maple Ridge has been engaged in the development of a Commercial and Industrial Strategy since spring 2011. The purpose of the strategy has been to provide a framework to assist Maple Ridge in navigating towards a prosperous future, with vibrant and diverse economic activity and with quality employment close to home.

The strategy has been presented to Council for information, and Council has endorsed the use of the strategy for consultation purposes. Council has not formally endorsed the strategy or approved specific recommendations. Once consultation is complete, Council will decide how to move forward with the strategy.

The next steps of the strategy are to obtain feedback from key stakeholders in focus group workshops, including industry representatives and land owners. A public open house was held June 26, 2013 and there was a display in which you may view the presentation maps.

For more information, an overview document summarizes key issues.

Workshop Participant Information

We need your feedback for the next phase of the Commercial and Industrial Strategy. We are interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas on the key issues facing industrial and commercial employment in the City.

As part of our preparation for the focus group workshops, we will be using the feedback provided to help us target the discussion to the key issues that are identified for industrial, commercial and future employment generating lands. We ask that you provide us with the top two issues you think are the most important components of the industrial, commercial and future employment lands discussions. A link to the strategy is provided, or printed copies will be available upon request.

Please note: The strategy's executive summary provides an overview of the key recommendations and time horizons identified by GP Rollo and Associates.

Industrial Land Owners

What are the top two issues facing long term industrial development in Maple Ridge?

Commercial Land Owners
What are the top two issues facing long term commercial development in Maple Ridge?