1. The ACT Arts Centre

    The ACT Arts Centre serves as a gathering place for artists and community, a place where creativity is celebrated and nurtured. This downtown centre unites the many diverse aspects of these communities; providing a home for the rich history of local art, a showcase for first class entertainment, and a superb facility for business development.

  2. Memorial Peace Park & Bandstand

    Memorial Peace Park is located in the downtown core on 224 Street between Lougheed Highway and Dewdney Trunk Road; conveniently surrounded by Maple Ridge Municipal Hall, the Leisure Centre, the Greg Moore Youth Centre, The ACT, Arts Centre and Theatre and Haney Place Mall. Fountains adorn the 224 Street entrance and guide you past the Cenotaph and Bandstand. Within the park you will find spectacular gardens, open green space, seating areas and public art works by local artists. Memorial Peace Park was developed to be a true community gathering place. On any given day you will find individuals, groups and families enjoying time at the park.

  3. Museum & Surrounding Areas

    The Fraser River Heritage Walk links the key heritage sites in Port Haney with a paved walkway. Beginning at the refurbished Port Haney Wharf, now equipped with a landing for river traffic, the walk takes you through an underpass of the Haney Bypass to historic Haney House. You may stop there to admire the river view, or sit on a bench in the Haney orchard at the top of the garden. Winding through a residential area, the walk takes you to Brickwood Park on the corner of 225 Street and 116 Avenue. From there it is an easy stroll to the Maple Ridge Museum along 116 Avenue. The River Walk is open year round.

  4. Public Art

    Public art takes a variety of shapes and forms and it makes our community interesting. It touches our lives in a variety of ways whether it's on our way to work, while out for a stroll at lunch time or just taking a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood. A well-planned public art project ensures that the statement the work makes is in keeping with its surroundings, whether this be on a busy downtown street corner, in a green space or in an area that combines both rural and urban elements.

  5. The Beast

    In the valley of the Golden Ears Mountains in Maple Ridge, the Beast ran and frolicked from the beginning of time in perfect harmony with the environment. Mother Nature took many hours of pleasure just watching the beauty of the Beast's movement and the sheer joy of living the Beast projected as it ran and jumped in play with the other animals in the valley, without a mean bone in its body. Mother Nature found perfect solitude in the mountains and a place to rest from her ever increasing workload throughout the world when time would allow.