1. Animal Shelter

    Animal Shelter

    This building represents the partnership of the City of Maple Ridge, the BC SPCA and the amazing volunteers and donors who worked tirelessly to see the project completed.

  2. Fire Hall No. 1

    Fire Hall No. 1

    A 'green' intent, along with the enthusiastic participation of the Fire Fighters' Building Committee, influenced and shaped almost every design decision at various stages of the Fire Hall No. 1 project.

  3. Leisure Centre

    Leisure Centre

    As the largest consumer of purchased energy in the City, highest emitter of greenhouse gases and most popular public building, the Leisure Centre was a logical choice for a high-profile energy efficiency project.

  4. Randy Herman Community Safety Building

    Randy Herman Community Safety Building

    The Randy Herman Community Safety Building renovation was designed and constructed under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Commercial Interiors rating system.

  5. Traffic Control Lamps

    Traffic Control Lamps

    Switching to LED lamps saw an 87% reduction in energy consumption, totaling a yearly savings of 402,672 kWh of electricity.