Contact Council

  1. Appear as Council Delegation

    At each regular meeting of Council or Committee of the Whole, Council invites presentations by citizens or other parties with concerns about issues affecting Maple Ridge.

  2. Birthday & Anniversary Greetings

    The Mayor is pleased to provide greetings to Maple Ridge residents celebrating a birthday of 75 years and up, as well as to Maple Ridge couples celebrating an anniversary starting at the 40th. Greetings are issued in five year increments, e.g., 75, 80, 85, etc. for birthdays or 40, 45, 50, etc. for anniversaries.

  3. Email/Letters

    When creating a letter to submit for Council's consideration, please include your daytime contact information. Unless you indicate otherwise, your letter may be included on a public Council agenda and will become public information.

  4. Invite the Mayor to Your Function

    The Mayor's Office receives numerous invitations to various events that take place in and around Maple Ridge. Please provide details as to the specific role that you would like the Mayor to play at your event and a schedule of events. On certain occasions, the acting Mayor or a member of Council may represent the Mayor at events.

  5. Petitions

    A petition is a formal written request made to an official person or organized body. A petition can play an integral role in the communication between residents and elected officials. Petitions should be addressed to the Mayor and Council and request that a particular action be taken that is within the authority of the City of Maple Ridge. A petition is considered a public document and all information contained in it will be subject to the scrutiny of Mayor and Council, staff and the general public.

  6. Program Greetings & Advertisements

    The Mayor's Office is pleased to provide a Letter of Welcome for your souvenir, promotional or event program for events taking place in Maple Ridge.

  7. Request a Meeting

    Mayor Read enjoys the opportunity to meet with citizens to discuss issues affecting our community, and hearing from people investing in our community through their business ventures or community service.