Advisory Committee Appointments

Standing Committees

Standing committees are established by the Mayor for matters considered best dealt with by committee. At least half the members of a standing committee must be Council members.

Audit & Finance Committee

The Audit and Finance Committee reviews the financial statement and report, ensures that appropriate systems of internal control are implemented and that the information in the City's annual report is accurate, complete and fairly presents the financial position.
  • All Members of Council

Select Committees / Commissions

Select committees and commissions are established by the Mayor to consider or inquire into any matter and to report its findings and opinion to Council. Generally, at least one member of a select committee or commission must be a Council member.

Advisory and/or Legislated Committees

Active Transportation Advisory Committee

The Active Transportation Advisory Committee is appointed for the purpose of advising Council on strategic priorities, planning, policies and mobility issues relating to transportation in Maple Ridge, using the Transportation Plan as a guide. 
  • Councillor Kiersten Duncan
  • Councillor Bob Masse (Alternate)

Advisory Design Panel

The Advisory Design Panel provides independent advice on the design of development proposals in the community. Currently a non-voting City liaison sits on the panel.

Agricultural Advisory Committee

The Agricultural Advisory Committee mandate is the continued support of agriculture as a land use and economic activity within the community.
  • Councillor Craig Speirs
  • Councillor Kiersten Duncan (Alternate)

Community Heritage Commission

The Community Heritage Commission advises Council on matters relating to heritage conservation.
  • Councillor Craig Speirs
  • Mayor Nicole Read (Alternate)

Economic development committee

The Economic Development Committee is an advisory body on matters relating to the economic development of the City.
  • Councillor Tyler Shymkiw
  • Mayor Nicole Read (Alternate)

Environmental Advisory Committee

The Environmental Advisory Committee will help provide local perspective and advice to Council with respect to achieving the City's goals, environmental objectives and accompanying strategic recommendations and directions taken from the current Maple Ridge Official Community Plan and Environmental Management Strategy report, 2014.
  • Councillor Bob Masse
  • Councillor Kiersten Duncan (Alternate) 
Municipal Advisory Committee on Accessibility Issues
The Municipal Advisory Committee on Accessibility Issues advises Council on civic matters which affect people with disabilities.
  • Councillor Craig Speirs
  • Councillor Kiersten Duncan (Alternate)


The Public Art Steering Committee recommends criteria for the commission of public art installations to Maple Ridge Council.
  • Councillor Kiersten Duncan
  • Councillor Corisa Bell (Alternate)


The Social Policy Advisory Committee advises Council on matters relating to social planning and the social needs, social well-being and social development of the community.
  • Councillor Bob Masse
  • Councillor Craig Speirs (Alternate)
Special Committees

Parcel Tax Review Panel

The Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel is established pursuant to Section 204 of the Community Charter. It was formerly known as the Court of Revision.
  • Mayor Nicole Read
  • Councillor Corisa Bell
  • Councillor Gordy Robson

Policing Task Force

Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows share police services. The Policing Task Force includes representation from both municipalities and allows a forum to address policing matters of common interest.
  • Mayor Nicole Read
  • Councillor Gordy Robson