Robson, Gordy

Competent Leadership. Business Experience. Vision. Focus. Heart.

A lifelong resident and former mayor of the city, Gordy Robson is seeking re-election as councillor. He is a husband, father, preeminent business person, community activist and past citizen of the year.

As a self-made man who built a business empire with hard work and natural talent, Gordy earned a reputation for breathing life into non-performing businesses and plowing through red tape to resolve key social, environmental and business issues.

“Four of our most seasoned, experienced councillors are out of the running. We need continuity. I have the experience, the grasp of the issues and the vision to continue making a solid contribution to council.”

(1.) Taxes: Four or five per cent tax hikes are not the solution.
(2.) The Street: We need to take back our streets.
(3.) Regional representation: when will we get our fair share?

The words provided are that of the candidate. The City of Maple Ridge does not endorse any candidate.
Gordy Robson

Tel: 604-463-3333

Facebook: Gordy Robson Maple Ridge Councillor
Gordy Robson

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