Dumore, Kim

I am proud to live in Maple Ridge, and have happily grown our family here for more than 15 years. I have been actively involved in SD42 education since my daughter started school 10 years ago. I have many years of service on PAC and DPAC, as well as a variety of other volunteer roles providing help in our community.

My priorities as a School Trustee include: lobbying for adequate funding, advocating for youth with youth voice at the table, asking questions and seeking resolutions, fighting for more youth mental health supports, and being inclusive of all learners and educators. I embrace diversity and am always up for the challenge of creating change. I look forward to working collaboratively with all the partners in public education. I work hard and believe in advocacy – to change what is into what should be.

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Kim Dumore

Cell: 604-812-1335
Email: dumores@telus.net

Facebook: kimdumore4schoolboard
Kim Dumore

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