Commercial & Industrial Strategy

The Commercial & Industrial Strategy is an important component of Maple Ridge's long range planning process and is intended to guide the long term commercial and industrial development in the City. The recommendations of the Strategy are intended to improve, enhance, or expand the land base for employment and economic opportunities within Maple Ridge.

Council endorsed the Commercial & Industrial Strategy Implementation Plan Matrix on October 5, 2015. The Matrix is intended to be used as a guide for Council discussions, to help determine future projects over the following time horizons:
  • Short Term – 2016-2018
  • Medium Term – 2018-2028
  • Long Term – beyond 2028

Employment Land Redesignation

One of the short term outcomes of the Commercial & Industrial Strategy was that the City will need upwards of 69-93 hectares (170-230 acres) of additional industrial lands by 2040.  The Strategy examined lands within the City and a number of areas that could potentially accommodate employment-based land uses have been identified.