Hammond Community Centre Improvements

Hammond Community Centre Improvements
This proposal will explore opportunities to upgrade the existing Hammond Community Centre to improve functionality for this popular neighbourhood facility.

The proposed project envisions the removal of the concrete block change room facility that is underutilized and blocks the view to the main hall. The change room facility would be relocated south of the existing pool change facilities and better integrate on the site.

The proposal also includes updates to the interior finishing of the hall such as acoustic improvements and installation of additional windows to make the building open and accessible. On the south side of the hall, new outdoor spaces, a covered terrace or deck with picnic tables and beaches will create a new space that is visible from the pool and existing play structures and will integrate into the main hall.

The final component of the plan involves resurfacing the basketball court on the west side of the site as well as the installation of electrical service that would allow food truck vendors to provide services for community events or tournaments at the sports fields.

Building costs for these improvements are estimated to be 2 to 2.5 million with annual operating costs estimated at $10,000.

Below is the concept briefing created by Paul Fast, from HCMA Architecture and Design, whose company has created concept designs to help us understand the scope of each of the proposals. View the printed version of the concept design here.
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