Port Haney

History in the Making


Port Haney was named for Thomas Haney, a skilled brick maker who purchased land on the north side of the Fraser River in 1879 due to the area's excellent deposits of clay. 

In early February 1880, a large part of the south bank of the Howison farm slid into the Fraser River. The "Haney Slide" as it become known, partially blocked the Fraser River and created tsunami-like waves that damaged wharves and piers along the river.  

Shortly after the Haney Slide, Thomas Haney fulfilled his dream and established a brickyard business which he operated for 11 years. The location of his land in Port Haney was ideal as they could easily transport the bricks on the Fraser River. With the CPR railroad development, Port Haney developed rapidly as newcomers established businesses near the wharf.

After Thomas Haney sold his brick-making business, he partnered with his brother-in-law and purchased a hotel on Ontario Street. That venture was short-lived, shortly after their business started, his brother-in-law—the bartender—sold a bottle of gin to a minor. Thomas then went on to do a variety of other things, but along with his son, they decided to develop a water supply system on his property after discovering some springs where the slide in 1880 took place. The Haney family maintained this water supply system until 1941.

Port Haney experienced a series of fires in 1910, 1926 and again in 1936. The 1926 fire that was set by an arsonist and happened on the same evening as the fire in the neighbouring community of Port Hammond which destroyed much of the business centre.

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