Personal Training

Everyone welcome!

At the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, we want to help you meet your healthy living goals. That’s why we have highly qualified personal trainers available to help customize your workout experience. When you choose the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, you will receive a free orientation of the facility, an introductory three week sampler when you become a member, and individualized attention in a social environment.

How to Book a Session

Choose one of the options below and visit Customer Service staff or call 604-467-7489.
Personal Trainer


Work on your balance with these safe and stable exercise sessions utilizing a variety of equipment to strengthen your core.

Water Based Exercise

Use the pool/water to help alleviate pain and soreness with these low impact, non-weight bearing exercises in a pool setting. Develop strength while keeping your body and joints safe. Ability to swim is not required.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Combine strength and cardio exercises with heart rate monitoring to build strength and endurance while staying at a safe and healthy level of exertion.
Sessions One 
on One
Double Up 
(2 People)
with a Plan
  1X $  50 $  80 $70
  2X $  97 $150  
  3X $237 $315  
10X $460 $590