Committees & Commissions

  1. Active Transportation Advisory Committee

    Active Transportation Advisory Committee

    The Active Transportation Advisory Committee was formed to advise Council on strategic priorities, planning, policies and mobility issues relating to transportation in Maple Ridge, using the Transportation Plan as a guide.

  2. Advisory Design Panel

    Advisory Design Panel

    The Advisory Design Panel encourages quality design in the community by reviewing and making recommendations to Council on all new commercial, industrial and multifamily residential projects that require a development permit.

  3. Agricultural Advisory Committee

    Agricultural Advisory Committee

    The Agricultural Advisory Committee, established in June 2007, has been set up to advise Council on agricultural issues and to engage in activities to support the agricultural sector.

  4. Audit & Finance Committee

    Audit & Finance Committee

    The Audit & Finance Committee meets at least two times per year to review the annual financial statements and reports.

  5. Committees of Council

    Committees of Council

    The Mayor and Council are appointed to serve as Directors and Liaisons to a number of agencies representing different levels of government, City advisory committees and local community groups.

  6. Community Heritage Commission

    Community Heritage Commission

    The Community Heritage Commission advises Council on matters relating to heritage conservation.

  7. Economic Development Committee

    Economic Development Committee

    The Economic Development Commission advises Council on matters relating to the economic well being of Maple Ridge and makes recommendations to Council relating to the economic development of Maple Ridge.

  8. Environmental Advisory Committee

    Environmental Advisory Committee

    The Maple Ridge Environmental Advisory Committee will help provide local perspective and advice to Council with respect to achieving the City's goals and environmental objectives, and to implement strategic recommendations from the current Maple Ridge Official Community Plan and the Environmental Management Strategy report, 2014.

  9. Open Government

    Open Government

    The Mayor’s Open Government Task Force was created pursuant to a resolution of Council on January 5, 2015 to increase accountability, transparency, and citizen’s understanding of and contribution to decision-making.

  10. Municipal Advisory Committee on Accessibility

    Municipal Advisory Committee on Accessibility

    The Municipal Advisory Committee on Accessibility Issues advises Council on civic matters that affect people with disabilities.

  11. Public Art Steering Committee

    Public Art Steering Committee

    The Public Art Steering Committee recommends criteria for the commission of public art installations to Council.

  12. Social Policy Advisory Committee

    Social Policy Advisory Committee

    The Social Policy Advisory Committee advises Council on matters relating to social planning and the social needs, social well-being and social development of the community.

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All Advisory Committee and Commission regular meetings are open to the public.  Come out to a meeting to get a better sense of the work done by Committees and provide your point of view.  Most meetings have a "Community Forum" during which members of the public are able to share ideas or concerns directly with the Committees.  See the meeting agendas for more information.